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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

С Новым годом!

Here are a few pictures from my site. I apologize for the delay in finally getting around to posting some pictures, it's just very difficult to get a reliable internet connection.

With that said, the first picture on the right is a field in Shu with a shepherd leading his flock of sheep. There had been a little snow, but I think most of it is maroze.

The second photo is the train station in Shu.
There is a lot of train traffic through the station on a daily basis. I'm not sure where this train is headed, but most likely one of the Astana-Almaty trains.

The third photo is of me from back in September in front of the cathedral in Almaty. It is built out of wood and supposedly without any nails. Stunning from the outside and equally as beautiful on the inside because it is full of icons on every piece of available wallspace.

The fourth picture is me, back in October or so, with my host family in Panfilova, the Abenov's. We had just finished dinner and were sitting down to some cups of chai.

More will follow, i assure, but internet access is a luxury here, so please be patient. I wish you all a Happy New Year "С Новым годом" and much success in 2007!


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